How to choose the ideal mobile for you?

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¿Cómo escoger el móvil ideal para tí?

Today, the task of choosing a mobile becomes more and more difficult since there are thousands of options, prices, models and specifications. This is why, from Join Banana we want to help you with some factors to take into account to make the mission of choosing a smartphone that leaves you satisfied

There are options for all tastes and requirements, so your preferences will prevail. However, here are some details that we recommend you pay attention to when buying:

1. Budget: determining your budget for this purchase is essential to be able to stick to a specific range of mobiles. Today you can even find smartphones for less than 200 euros with good specifications. However, the more budget we plan to spend, the more features, power, and more premium photography functions you will be able to access.

2. Intended use: it is important to set the use that you are going to give your mobile. Will you use it to work? Is it important to you that it has specific functionalities in terms of photography? Do you want to use it intensively for games? For example, if you are going to use it for games, it is essential to have a moderately powerful processor and a screen with a refresh rate of more than 60Hz so that you can get the most out of it. On the other hand, for normal use it is likely that a normal mid-range mobile will serve you.

3. Processor: the more powerful the better but always making sure that it is within your set budget. If you have a more powerful processor, you will be able to see that the entire system works better, more fluid in different tasks: from the most basic ones, such as going from one App to another, to some more complex ones, such as those that involve the use of games.

4.Software: When buying a mobile you should ask yourself what operating system you want it to have since each one has different specifications in terms of versions, updates, functionalities with other devices and compatibility with different Apps and systems.

5. Storage: it is important to look at the RAM memory that the mobile has in order to have sufficient storage space. For normal use, it is recommended that you get a mobile with at least 128 GB of storage, 256 GB or more if possible.

6. Screen: A 90 or 120 Hz OLED screen is usually a good starting point, and possibly Full HD+ resolution.

7. Battery and Charging: so that your new smartphone last a long time, keeping the battery in good condition is essential. When buying, choose a battery with the highest possible capacity since no matter how much you take care of it, it will degrade, so the bigger the better. A new mobile of average quality should not go below 3500mAh, the recommended would be 4000mAh. As for charging, if you use your device intensively, you will appreciate that it incorporates fast charging. Be careful, look at the details since everything that exceeds 10W of power is considered fast charging.

We hope this blog will be very useful for you to choose your new mobile. Remember that at Join Banana you have the possibility to choose yourself the maximum price you want to pay for your smartphone because we have a network of distributors and retailers that allows us to do so.

What are you waiting for? Enter to and check it out!

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