The importance of setting your values ​​as a company

  • , by Valentina Abuyeres
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La importancia de fijar tus valores como empresa

Many studies support the importance of establishing business values ​​in order to have a solid foundation and achieve success. Defining these values ​​is crucial to guide teams in decision making and to establish how activities are carried out within the organization.
The values ​​become a compass that allows leading the company towards its mission and vision. Having clear values, based on both internal and external relationships, is the key for organizations to survive over time.
In the Join Banana team, our values ​​are clearly established and revolve around our customer, which is our top priority. Guided by our obsession with the client, we seek to offer them the best price as this is our distinctive factor in the market.
In addition to our obsessive dedication to customers, who are our bosses, we value 7 internal values:
  1. Passion for what we do: We are committed to loving our daily work and being persistent in our efforts.
  2. Excellence: We strive to be excellent in everything we do and take pride in our work.
  3. Commitment to our clients, but also to our team and our daily work.
  4. We value transparent and direct communication in all of our interactions.
  5. We constantly seek improvement and learning.
  6. We believe that there are no limits and that we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.
  7. We are characterized by “Banana Vibes” : a happy and positive atmosphere.
We strongly believe that, just as values ​​are inherent to human nature, they must also be so for companies, since they play an important role in creating generations with solid foundations, with ethics that go before aesthetics and a work of contribution to an increasingly better society.
We would love to know your opinion, what do you think of our mentality?


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