4 Trends in Ecommerce for this 2023 in Spain

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4 Tendencias en Ecommerce para este 2023 en España

In recent years, the popularity of online shopping in Spain has increased considerably. Platforms like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress give Spanish consumers a wide range of options to buy online.

In fact, according to a study from the IAB Spain Annual eCommerce Study for 2022, 76% of the Spanish Internet user population uses the Internet as their main shopping channel.

Having said that, what is in store for us in terms of E-commerce in Spain for this 2023? How will we do it in Join Banana?

  1. Mobile Commerce: online purchases through mobile devices does not stop growing. They represent 71% of retail traffic and generate 61% of online purchase orders. In addition, the use of mobile phones also makes it possible to retain existing customers and attract new audiences. For this reason, at Join Banana we focus our strategies on mobile-first experiences with our payment system through Google Pay, Apple Pay or card, all thanks to the largest payment platform in the world: Stripe.
  2. Sustainability: Today those who buy online prefer to do so by purchasing products that come from brands that are committed to their environmental impact. That is why at Join Banana we have alliances with retailers and distributors that take this important aspect into account, in addition to regularly highlighting which of our products are eco-friendly, in order to keep our consumers informed.
  3. Personalized Experiences: The customers of 2023 are demanding when generating the purchase and expect to be treated not as just another number, but as consumers who expect to feel that the company values ​​the time and money invested in it. This is why, at Join Banana, we always care that the shopping experience is personalized, close and what is more ad hoc to this, is that our customers can choose the product they are looking for with all its characteristics and also fix them! same price!
  4. Importance of the next product: today, consumers are increasingly concerned about where they invest their money and want to bet on companies that are closest to them. 2023 is the year where these must be shown to the audience: who they are, how they work, what their alliances with their suppliers are, what care they take in the buying and selling process. That is why, at Join Banana, we bet on local retailers and distributors that offer better prices, are in our same neighborhoods and do not have access to Internet sales, which is why we managed to channel these purchases: bringing Spanish Internet users closer with local vendors.

This 2023 is the year of challenges, it is the year of Join Banana. Search, compare and when you find it at the best price. We will continue to sell it to you cheaper! Check it out at www.joinbanana.es .


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